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In which district to choose a hotel in Marrakech ?

In which district to choose a hotel in Marrakech ?

Marrakech is vast and quite spread out. Its heart is the medina, which is the old city of Marrakech. 
In this article, we will describe the different neighborhoods to help you choose your hotel. There are of course other neighborhoods in Marrakech but we would like to describe the main neighborhoods dedicated to tourists in this article.

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  • Medina district: 

As described above, this is the old town of Marrakech. You will not find large hotels in the medina. The medina is home to hundreds of riads that have been transformed into guesthouses. For those who don’t know, riads are traditional houses built around a central patio. It is very typical and therefore perfect if you want to experience a typical Moroccan stay.

Nearby points of interest: Jamaa Al Fna, the souks, the Secret Garden, Medersa Ben Youssef, many restaurants in the area and great rooftops. Find the best restaurants here.

Advantages: Perfect for people who want to discover the culture and visit the city.

Disadvantages: The swimming pools of the riads are very often small. We do not recommend this type of hotel for families or people wishing to stay 100% idle. It is also not recommended for people who want to party. Riads are often difficult to get to, so avoid renting a car if you are in a riad. You will find cabs very easily though.

Our favorite hotels/riads in the medina: Riad Ksar Kasbah, Riad Fabiola, la Brillante, Riad Dar Yasaman, and many others… You will benefit from advantages by booking on our site.

  • Hivernage district:

This district is very close to the medina. It contains many luxury hotels, casinos and the heart of the party in Marrakech happens here. It is therefore a great neighborhood close to everything.

Nearby points of interest: Menara Mall (shopping center), clubs, casinos, festive restaurants, Jamaa Al Fna and the medina, M Avenue

Advantages: The hotels are quite large and the swimming pools are large. Perfect for people who want to relax or party while being close to everything.

Disadvantages: The hotels in this area are quite luxurious and therefore quite expensive.

Our favorite hotels in Hivernage: Sofitel, Savoy Grand Hotel, Es Saadi Palace, The Pearl

  • Gueliz district: 

Gueliz is the “new city” of Marrakech. This is where many French expatriates live. There are many stores, restaurants, art galleries, it is the modern city! The hotels are often dedicated to the “business” clientele and there are very few luxury hotels in Gueliz.

Nearby points of interest: Jardin Majorelle and Yves Saint Laurent museum, Carré Éden (shopping center), modern stores like Zara, H&M, many restaurants, close to the medina and the wintering area

Advantages: This neighborhood is close to everything and perfect if you want to be in the heart of the modern city. Generally, people staying in Marrakech for long periods rent airbnb here.

Disadvantages: The hotels in Gueliz are formed like buildings so the pools are usually not very big or often in the shade. The hotels are not really dedicated to families.

Our favorite hotels in Gueliz: Radisson Blue, 2 ciels boutique hotel, multitude of apartments that you can book on our website.

  • Palmeraie district:

As its name indicates, the district of the Palmeraie contains an enormous palm grove on several hectares. The district is located at 10/15 mn from the center. The hotels located here are quite quiet and perfect for people wishing to rest. It is also here that activities such as quad biking, buggy, horseback riding or dromedary are done.

Nearby points of interest: Activities such as quad biking, camel riding, horseback riding… which you can book here, some swimming pools such as the Nikki Beach

Advantages: the hotels are very big and you will find all types of hotels: all inclusive, for families, luxury hotels.

Disadvantages: very few restaurants (except for the hotel restaurants) and few places to go out at night

Our favorite hotels in the Palmeraie: Rhoul Palace, Mehdi Palace, Lodge K

  • Agdal district: 

Nearby points of interest: Oasiria water park, Al Mazar (shopping mall), Megarama cinema, 10 minutes by cab from the medina and the Hivernage, Club 555, festive restaurants such as Bo Zin, Dar Soukkar

Advantages: Many very large hotels dedicated to families

Disadvantages: Quite few restaurants in this area and places to go out

Our favorite hotels in Agdal: Palm Plaza, Kenzi Menara Palace

  • Outside the city center: 

As soon as you leave the city of Marrakech, there are several roads: Amizmiz road, Ourika road, Fes road, and Ouarzazate road which are the roads with the most hotels.
There are all types of hotels outside the city center but it is true that the largest luxury hotels are outside the center: such as The Oberoi, Selman, Le Palais Namaskar, Fairmont Royal Palm …
There is also a multitude of villas: find beautiful villas here. 
Moreover, as soon as you leave the city, there is no more “address”. To get the address of the hotels, you have to count the number of kilometers from the center. Example: the address of the Fairmont Royal Palm is located at route d’Amizmiz, kilometer 12. However, most cabs know the location of the hotels without needing the exact addresses and there is also Google Map!

Nearby points of interest: golf courses, excellent restaurants in luxury hotels

Advantages: Quietness because the hotels are isolated and the hotels are generally very large as soon as you leave the city center.

Disadvantages: A little far from everything. Not ideal to visit the city. Cab transportation is quite expensive. We recommend you to rent a car if your hotel is out of the center.

Our favorite out-of-town hotels: Namaskar Palace, The Oberoi, Fairmont Royal Palm and private villas.

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