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Coming to Marrakech during Ramadan: good or bad idea?

Coming to Marrakech during Ramadan: good or bad idea?

This year, Ramadan will take place from around March 22 to April 22, 2022. (This may vary by one day).
Yes, it is always interesting to come to Marrakech during Ramadan.
It is about 30 degrees during this period, sunny.
Hotel and airfare prices are lower and there are far fewer people.
No waiting to access museums and gardens… the dream!

Everything is open during the day: activities, restaurants, swimming pools, etc. but the souks and stores close much earlier.
You can of course eat in the restaurants during the day.

At sunset, the city empties and all Moroccans go out to eat.
In general, the meals for breaking the fast (f’tour) are done with the family but excellent restaurants offer buffets or “f’tour” menus during Ramadan. Of course, even non-Muslims can come and dine there.
Shortly before Ramadan, we will propose a category to find all the “f’tours”.

The city lives a lot at night during Ramadan, almost all the shops are open.
Moreover, there is also much less partying. The festive establishments are less crowded than usual.
Ramadan should not slow you down to visit Marrakech even if there is less atmosphere than usual.

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