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Things to know if you come to Marrakech!

Things to know if you come to Marrakech!

Some advice to visit Marrakech in peace! 

The city of Marrakech is the most touristic city in Morocco! We have put together some recommendations for you to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
You can find the best things to do in Marrakech on our website and book everything online for free.

Prepare your trip:

-Morocco no longer requires either a vaccination pass or a PCR test to enter the country. In Marrakech: everything is open, there are no restrictions and wearing a mask is not mandatory.

-Marrakech is one of the hottest cities in Morocco, between July and August the temperature approaches 45 degrees. It is therefore necessary to use the swimming pools in the afternoon and take advantage of the morning and the end of the day to visit and plan activities. You can always visit our website to find activities and pools to do.

Upon arrival: 

-Take a pen in your bag to fill out the mandatory paperwork at the airport in Marrakech.

You will find free SIM cards in the airport at the baggage claim to recharge with the help of top-up cards. We advise you to recharge directly at the airport 100 DH (10€) or 200 DH (20€) of internet to be at ease during all your vacations. You can also recharge your SIM cards in grocery stores.

-To change your money, we recommend two exchange offices: the Farouk Hotel in Guéliz and the Ali Hotel in Medina. The exchange rate is currently 10.3. So 10€ = 103 DH. Do not change your money at the airport! The exchange rate is not interesting at all.

-Always bring cash because many establishments in Marrakech do not accept credit cards: especially in the souk and for activities.

In general: 

-If a stranger on the street offers to help you with directions or help you carry your luggage or offers other services, be aware that you will have to pay them a few dirhams. No service is free. Dare to say no nicely or else “La, choukran”: no thanks.

-Traffic is very heavy in Marrakech and there are a lot of motorcycles. Always be careful when crossing.

-There are “small cabs” and “big cabs”. The small ones are used to get around the city center while the large ones are used to get out of the city center. The small cabs cannot take you to the Agafay desert or out of the city center. So be careful before getting into the cabs and always ask the meter to the small cabs: it is an obligation! We propose you private drivers who will accompany you in all the places out of the city center with a fixed price. Example of price for a race CARRE EDEN (GUELIZ) / PLACE JEMAA EL FNA = 10 to 20 DH (1 to 2€) in day.

-Marrakchis speak French for the most part. English and Spanish are also spoken.

-Avoid drinking tap water and be careful with ice cubes! The water is drinkable but not as well treated as in Europe. You will find grocery stores throughout the city to buy bottled water.

-During certain periods such as summer, school vacations and New Year’s Eve: Marrakech is crowded with tourists! We recommend that you book all your activities, restaurants, swimming pools and other outings in advance to make sure you always have availability. You can book everything for free directly on our website. We have selected the best addresses.

In the medina :

-The medina is the old city of Marrakech. It is there that you will find the riads, the souks and the jamaa el fna square. The medina is quite popular and conservative.

-We recommend that women avoid plunging necklines and shorts in the medina to avoid offending the local population. However, you can dress as you wish in hotels, swimming pools and tourist places!

-In the souk: it is common to bargain. This is part of the charm of Marrakech. Do not hesitate to divide the price sometimes by 2 or 3 and to haggle with the sellers.

Renting a car: 

-Most car rental companies ask for a passport or a bank imprint as a guarantee: prefer the bank imprint because it is mandatory to have your passport when you go to the hotel.

-If you park on the street: be aware that you will always have to pay the parking attendant on the street. This guard will help you park and watch your car to avoid theft. Example: During the day, it costs about 3 to 5 DH (30 to 50 cents) and at night it’s about 10 to 15 DH (1 to 1.5€) depending on your location. But don’t get ripped off!

-If you put gas, it is not mandatory to get out of the car. You just have to tell the employee the amount of gas you need and he will take care of it. This service is free but it is common to leave them a small tip.

You can find the best things to do in Marrakech on our website and book everything online for free.

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