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La vie en rose

Ourika Road

La vie en rose is a guest house situated on Ourika road, about 30min from city center.

The guest house has very larges spaces and a stable with beautiful competitions horses to do rides in the countryside

This place is pretty famous among the horse riding lovers and expatriates of Marrakech !

On the weekend the horses are free in the property which makes this place unique..

Very often fully booked on the weekends.


To reserve : fill out the form or call 212632930250

Plus d'informations

  • Tarifs

    220 DH each (22€) 3 courses and pool access on weekdays

    250 DH each (25€) 3 courses and pool access on weekends

    250 DH each (25€) Horse ride 1 hour

  • Transport

    Private transport if you need :

    7 persons maximum in the van

    450 DH (45€) from and to

    for instance : for 2 people : 225Dh each  for from and to. If you need a private transport please note your hotel/riad name in the comment section.


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