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Camel ride in Agafay

Agafay Desert

An unforgettable ride to discover the Agafay desert by camel awaits you.


-Transportation to and from your accommodation is included. Other people may be present during the trip.

-Please indicate the time when the driver will pick you up.

-Payment is made on site.

-You can book this activity if you are at least 2 people.

-Extra charge if your hotel is far away.

The program :

-The driver will pick you up at your accommodation according to the chosen time.

-Arrive at Agafay and meet the camels.

-You leave for a 1 hour ride.

-A tea break is offered after the ride.


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To reserve : fill out the form or call 212698164331

Plus d'informations

  • Prices

    -300 DH (30€) per person

    -150 DH (15€) for children under 10 years old.

  • What is included

    -Transportation included from your accommodation
    -Private tour
    -Tea break


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